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Welcome to Lottie-Da Designs specializing in wedding hair accessories and jewelry. Boho chic, country rustic, classic vintage or natural free-spirited; whatever your style we have a hair accessory or jewelry piece that is right for you on your special day.  Based in Vancouver, Canada we adorn brides worldwide. 
Lottie-Da Designs is a veteran in the bridal accessories industry. We know how important every detail is on your special day. The best quality and craftsmanship is guaranteed! Whether it's a laid back boho wedding, a sunny beach wedding, or a classic vintage style wedding filled with glamour, we have a huge collection that will give you the perfect accent for your special day and stand behind every product with confidence. 

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Email: lottiedadesigns@gmail.com. Please allow 2-5 business days for email responses. Thank you for your patience!